President’s Awards for scientific publications

President’s awards ceremony for scientific publications was held on the 19th of November, 2018. His Excellency, the President awarded 338 Sri Lankan scientists for their research published in 2016. Scientists from the NIFS were also awarded for their outstanding research work. Among those who were awarded are Dr. Ariyasinghe B., Prof. Bandara J.M.S., Prof. Dissanayake M.A.K.L, Ms. Gannoruwa G.M.A.U.K., Mr. Herath P.H.M.I.D.K., Ms. Jayathilake R.M.G.C.S.K., Prof. Kumara G.R.A, Mr. Kumarathilaka S.M.P.R., Dr. Liyanage N.L.B.R., Ms. Liyanage H.M., Dr. MaganaArachchi D., Mr. Manjeewan A., Ms. Rajapaksha R.M.A.U., Ms. Rizliya V., Ms. Samanthi M.S., and Dr. Vithanage M.S.



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