President’s Awards for scientific publications, 2013

Researches at National Institute of Fundamental Studies won President’s Awards for their scientific publications for the year 2013, chaired by the His Excellency the President and the Hon. Minister of Science, Technology and Research, held on 18th November 2015.

  • Prof.S.P.Benjamin for his publications in Zoology
  • Prof. H.R.W. Dharmarathne, for his publications in Natural products chemistry
  • Prof. C.B. Disanayake for his publications in Geology
  • Prof. Lakshman DIsanayake, for his publications in Experimental solid state physics and solar cells
  • Dr.M.C.M Iqbal for his publications in Plant science
  • Dr. K.G.N.P Piyasena, for her publications in Natural products chemistry
  • Ms. R.M.A.U.Rajapaksha, for her publications in Chemical science and Environmental Remediation
  • Dr. D.N.Subasinghe for his publications in Geology, Geophysics and renewable energy
  • Dr.Meththika Vithanage, for her publications in Environmental Chemistry
  • Prof.G.K.R. Senadeera for his publications in Solid State Physics

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