We are at the beginning of Climate Extremes!!

Work shop on Impact of Climate change on water, Food and Environment in Sri Lanka was held at National Institute of Fundamental Studies, Colombo office on 25- 26 June 2015.
Prof. Niamal Gunawardene, University of Peradeniya, Mr.S. Premalal, Deputy Director of Meteorology Department, Prof. W.L Sumathipala and Prof. C.S de Silva, The Open University of Sri Lanka, Dr. H.Manthirithilake, Sri Lanka Development Initiative and Dr. Tanuja Ariyananda from Lanka Rainwater Harvesting Forum delivered special lectures on impacts of climate change on water resources, on agriculture, health and environment and impact on changing coastal zone water resources.

This two day workshop was organized by Dr. M.C.M Iqbal, Senior research Fellow, National Institute of Fundamental Studies, Kandy and sponsored by Cap-Net Sri Lanka. End of the work shop, participants were given opportunity to visit the Department of Meteorology to observe recording weather parameters in Sri Lanka.

All resource persons emphasized that Climate of Sri Lanka is being changed in to more extreme weather systems such as heavy rains, more severely hot days, heavy droughts and strong thunderstorms. They showed that south East monsoon wind pattern have been changed with the time and south and east coastal areas will get more rain from the south East monsoon than western province in the future. Also they showed with the evidence that Bay of Bengal is shifting to a condition that more severe cyclones are to be produced due to global warming. They urged that rather than signing MoUs and holding conferences, all global and local authorities should actively engaged in reducing global warming and other environment pollutions to avoid changing climate to such horrible extremes.


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