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About Science Education & Dissemination Unit (SEDU)

The dissemination of scientific knowledge is a commitment of the NIFS. Dissemination of Scientific knowledge to the scientific community, students, teachers, as well as the general public, is the responsibility of the Science Education and Dissemination Unit. The SEDU mainly focuses on fostering the exchange of the scientific information to the scientific community and to promote the public understanding of Science.

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Educational lectures, Science camps & Workshops »
Annual Science programme for the students who have excelled in the GCE O/L examination »
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Science Web site in sinhala » (Vidumanpetha)
Science YouTube service »
NIFS official Channel:
Publishing the videos of NIFS special events such as lectures and workshops to build up an active audience online
Vidu nena hawula:
Uploading videos about scientific matters related to O/L and A/L syllubus, which are selected by the request of students and teachers.
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