Date: 18/02/2016

“From chemical to Eco friendly agriculture- Role of microbial biofertilizers” workshop


Date: 19-23 September 2016

National Workshop on Separation Techniques in Natural Product Research (19-23 September 2016) Organized with the Natural Products Research Group at NIFS.


Date: 20-21, March 2015

School Science & Engineering Programme (SSEP) is an awareness programme for the students who have excelled in GCE Advanced Level examination in 2014 in mathematical stream. This programme was conduct in collaboration with National Institute of Fundamental Studies (NIFS) and Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya.

This program will create an awareness of following aspects,

  • A clear understanding of the difference between Engineering and Science,
  • Essential role of critical thinking and creativity in the process of teaching and learning.

This programme was successfully held for the very first time in this year with the participation of 147 students from all over the country.


Date: 17th October, 2014

National workshop on “Investigating bioactive metabolites from natural sources” Organized by the Natural Products Research Group, NIFS


Date: 07/02/2013

Science Workshop for grade 10 students in Yatawatta Weera Parakrama Madya Maha Vidyalaya, Matale – 120 students


Date: 19/02/2013

Nano Technology Workshop in parallel with the Dayata Kirula in  Ampara. Teachers and students actively participated in this workshop – 59 teachers and 259 students. 


Date: 22/03/2013

Workshop for G.C.E. O/L students Walagamba Vidyalaya, Kegalle (40 students)


Date: 03/02/2012

Workshop on “How to Enhance Research Activities” by Prof. D. M. Galloway, UK for Research Assistants (22 participants).


Date: 28-29/06/2012

Workshop on Solar Photovoltaic Technology-“Current status and Trends in Thin Film Solar PV Technology” organized by Prof. M. A. K. L. Dissanayake, IFS in collaboration with the Sivananthan Laboratories, Inc., USA and NSF, Sri Lanka (82 participants : Scientists, Engineers and M.Phil/Ph.D Research students from the Universities/Research Institutes/Other State and Private Sector Organizations)


Date: 23/02/2012, 06/03/2012, 15/03/2012 & 05/04/2012

Four workshops were held on “Effective use of Microbial Biofertilizers for an Improved Economy and Environment in Sri Lanka” for extension officers and farmers on 23.02.2012, 06.03.2012, 15.03.2012 & 05.04.2012 (70 participants).


Date: 23/08/2012

Workshop on “Effective use of Microbial Biofertilisers for an Improved Economy and Environment in Sri Lanka” for Managers of “ Krushi Sewa Piyassa” (20 participants) held on 23.08.2012.Co-organizers of the workshops – Prof. S. A. Kulasooriya , Prof. Gamini Seneviratne


Date: 04/05/2012

Workshop on Nano Science for teachers (30 participants) of the Kotmale Educational Zone.


Date: 30/05/2012

Workshop for Grade nine students (200) and teachers from Halawatha Senanayake Madyavidyalaya, Madampe.


Date: 21/06/2012

Workshop for Grade 6 – 11 students (300) from A/Aliwanguwa Maha Vidyalaya, D10 Mithri Vidyalaya and Padavi Parakrama Vidyalaya in Padavisripura


Date: 06/07/2012

Workshop for Grade 9 students (150) from Madurankuliya MahaVidyalaya


Date: 11/09/2012

workshop for Grade 9 students (300 students) from Poramadulla Central & College.


Date: 02/10/2012

Students  from Weera Parakrama Central College, Yatawatha. Students (120) from Weera Parakrama Central College, Yatawatha.


Date: 12/11/2012

G.C.E. O/L students (62) of Udagama, Walimada. SDU donated science kits for teachers & students.


Date: 21 February, 2011

Geology workshop for O/L teachers (two day workshop – 21 February, 2011)


Date: 03 March 2011

Workshop on “Proposal Writing” (03 March 2011)


Date: 17 June, 2011

Workshop on “Use of Drama for Effective Teaching of Science” (17 June, 2011)


Date: 15 March, 2011

Workshop on Scientific Method – St. Gabriel Balika Vidyalaya, Hatton (15 March, 2011)


Date: 15 July, 2011

Workshop on “Transfer of Low Cost Water Treatment Technologies” (15 July, 2011)


Date: 11 July, 2011

Workshop on “Nanoscience for Gampola Zone School Teachers” (11 July, 2011)


Date: 15 November, 2011

Workshop on Geology for central province tamil school teachers (15 November, 2011)


Date: 23 November, 2011

Workshop for science students (A/L) in Gampola Zone (23 November, 2011)


Date: 19 December, 2011

Workshop on effective use of microbial biofertilisers for an improved economy and environment in Sri Lanka. (19 December, 2011)


Date: 25-26 of March 2010

A Workshop on “Bio-assays for Natural Products Research” organized by the Natural Products Chemistry Research group in collaboration with the SDU of the IFS was held during 25th-26th of March 2010.


Date: 17-18 August, 2010

A workshop to improve communication skills “Improving the Science Communication Skills of Researchers” was conducted during 17-18 August, 2010.


Date: 14 - 21 , September 2010

Three Electronic Workshops for O/L teachers were conducted from 14 – 21 , September 2010 by Mr. D M Wijethunga. Three hundred teachers actively participated in this program.



Three workshop on Nanoscience for O/L teachers were conducted in Tamil (October 11 2010), Sinhala (October 18 2010) and English (2010). Three hundred teachers participated in the program


Date: 19 May, 2009 and 26 May, 2009

How to teach Science in a simple and enjoyable way – Sinhala medium 19 May, 2009 and 26 May, 2009 by Dr. Kumari Tilakaratne This was organized by IFS and The Central Province, Education Department. Hundred teachers actively participated in this training programme.


Date: 27 -28 October, 2009

Two day Training programme for (0/L)Tamil Science teacher’s in Central Province (Tamil Medium) 27 -28 October, 2009 by Mr. J Akilawasan Hundred teachers had the opportunity to participated in this programme.


Date: 29-30, October 2009

Training Program for Technical offices on Instrumentation 29-30, October 2009 Coordinators: Prof. N S Kumar, Dr. Kumari Tilakaratne


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