Quantum Physics and Applied Electronics

Posted on: August 29th, 2017 by nifs_admin

Quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, and relativity together form the theoretical foundations of modern physics. Despite decades of rigorous, almost obsessive scrutiny, no experiment has ever shown the quantum theory to be false. Even 100 years after its inception fundamental aspect of quantum mechanics is one of the most dynamic areas of current physics research. In particular, fundamental research on Quantum Non-locality, Quantum Entanglement and Quantum to Classical Transition are not only very important in understanding the true nature of the quantum reality but also their existence has practical consequences, enabling much stronger forms of information processing, communication, and quantum computing.

Newly formed Quantum Physics Research Group at Institute of Fundamental Studies is currently engaged in investigating fundamental aspects of Quantum to Classical Transition (Quantum chaos, Quantum-Classical Hybrid systems), Quantum Computing and Quantum non-locality.


Brain Computer Interface Project


  1. MATLAB Files (zip)
  2. Flow Chart (PDF)
  3. PCB Layouts (PDF)
  4. Schematic diagram (PDF)

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